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Yoga for pregnancy, Yoga for your family

Yoga promotes mental, physical wellbeing and balance and will help you lay deep foundations for decades of mothering. Encourage your children to enjoy yoga and meditation with you and have lots of fun with it together.  Email me to reserve a copy of the sequel the story book written for children about the principles of nature & yoga. The children's yoga series also includes a coluring book for your children to learn the postures of yoga and to have lots of fun along the way.  There is also a deck of yoga cards poses and affirmations to stimulate your child's creativity, their focus, their physical and their emotional wellness and a poster to remind you of the poses that are safe for kids. All these come prepacked with coluirng pencils, crayons and tidy box to keep things stored easily.

Mummy to Be are pregnancy classes (from 16 weeks gestation) designed to help you stay active before giving birth. They guide you through poses which are natural to your body through various stages of your development and help you stay safe & supported in vital times of transition or uncertainty. They normally run from 60-90mins.

Mummy & Me Toddler classes (2years – 4years) are designed to create play and fun together with mummy and baby. They are a fun work out for mummy and toddler as a way to strengthen your natural bond and develop your toddler’s fast growing skills. These can also be part of your childs pre-school play activities. These normally run for 45mins.

School children’s classes (from 5 years- 12years) follow a basic pattern of warming, working and cooling but are anything but quiet and serene. Filled with curiosity they are generally for exploration, laughter, fun & spontaneity. They are filled to support your child’s imagination, full of adventure, exploring our surroundings, the world we live in, to wake up the brain cells and to encourage fantasy and creative exercise. These normally run for 45mins to 60mins.

Teens are bridging between childhood and adolescence. Yoga helps them understand what’s going on by stepping back from the everyday, and it helps them see themselves and their bodies better giving more clarity. Here they move more towards an adult style of yoga. 

In my own teaching practice I think it's important to keep standards high in the world of yoga teaching. I take pride as an accredited teacher, knowing I have been well trained therefore have public liability insurance, have had background checks to work with children and work to safeguard in practice. 


Yoga For Children Series


My yoga for children series is inspired by the different aspects of the natural world because children love to be active and demand space, sport, time, nature and fun.


They are very sensitive to the soil, the trees,the air and water and some are very connected to animals. When families and teachers link children to their right vibration they expand, open their hearts and shine. As a parent I’d love to see all children shine and draw on their own innate gifts, balancing their right and left brain with more creative expression and honest communication.


My Yoga series for children aims to encourage children to explore,evolve, balance and stay contented in a light and fun loving way. (For more information see my link on ayurveda living for children or email me)