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How to breathe correctly during yoga

  • learn the basic movement without concentrating on the breathing, breathe normally and without restriction.
  • co-ordinate the movement with the appropriate breath: inhale on expanding movements and exhale on compressing movements.
  • Let the breath take over feel the breath inspiring the movement. Allow the breath to initiate the action, creating oneness between the breath and movement.

* Additional 30mins pranayama classes on request

Benefits of breathing correctly

  • aids in the conversion of food and water
  • homeostasis
  • increased energisation
  • increased circulation
  • increases our bodily tissues
  • nourishes our mind
  • counters insomnia
  • counters fever
  • counters anger
  • counters hyperactivity
  • counters hypersensitivity
  • counters poor digestion
  • counters lack of motivation
  • counters depression
  • counters laziness
  • helps with weight control


Sthira Sukham Asanam
The point is to explore asana practice through the steadiness and ease of breath, continuously connecting the breath with the body and mostly the mind.

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