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Ayurveda Children

Yoga Ora for Children™

 This is a wellbeing programme whch includes yoga classes for children and much much more....

As a parent one of our hardest jobs is to give our children all the tools they need to make informed decisions and become independent and for us to have the knowing we have done our very best by them and ourselves. it is not easy but we do have a responsibility tied up in teaching them many things. One of those values is respect and an understanding that is facing us all. The number 1 problem in the world & the impact of climate change. We should by now all be aware of the quick rise in the Earth’s temperature which is causing lots of problems for plants, animals, humans and our environment. We also need to save the Earth’s natural resources.  As our human population grows, so do our demands on the Earth to help us live with light, water, heat and food! The Earth can only reproduce these things so fast and if we don’t work hard together we could run out! Plastics, water bottles and containers are polluting our oceans and land and its causing harm to us and the natural world. We know all this and we all have a responsibilty to do what is best.

Our children learn so much from their environment and we can encourage them to make the right choices, teachers do their best to encourage children to recycle from an early age and we want our children to nurture a love for their surroundings and subsequently the planet. As families we recycle, save electricity,save fuel, save water and so forth.

Planet Earth gives us everything we need to live a happy, healthy life … but sometimes we don’t know how to say thank you for everything.  We need to do what we can to show lady Gaia we are grateful for what we have. 


As a parent I want my child to be of value, to be valued, to be self sufficient, to be kind and its my job to provide structure and to raise a confident child. Yoga helps me do this and in turn I am passing the benefit to my child. 

if this inspires you The Yoga Ora children's series has been inspired by the different aspects of the natural world for children aged between 3-7years with stories and art related to yoga. 


Encourage your children to draw on their own innate gifts, balancing their right and left brain with more creative expression and honest communication. 


My goal really therefore is to present parents, families and teachers with a few tools through the wonderful and colourful world of The yoga for children's series  of cards, posters and books which brings nature and harmony into learning.

Pitu, Dhara, Sruti & Aditi are sanskrit names which represent the elements fire, earth, water and air. These four friends who represent the elements teach children yoga as a powerful art form & physical activity that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. Yoga has been shown to have numerous mental and physical benefits that can help emotionally balance your child better, encourage more acute mental focus and also serve as a beneficial physical exercise that they enjoy doing.


Read yoga stories together in the classroom or at home

Enjoy reading a story at school or at home then create your own art, masterpiece and ideas straight onto the book. 

Have fun in the classroom or at home 

Yoga is not only for kids; you can consider getting the entire family or classroom on board by encouraging bite size pieces of the whole (asana, relaxation, mindfulness or how breathing controls everything ). Determine a time or day during each week where you can practice yoga together as part of your physical fitness routine. The truth is that yoga is beneficial for all ages, and serves as a wonderful way for you to all connect while maintaining good mental and physical health simultaneously. 

You can have fun with a deck of cards

‘The Elements, children’s deck of cards contains elegant, captivating and colourful illustrations that accompany each detailed pose. The cards feature the four main elementals who engage in poses that children will love, and each card comes with a positive affirmation so children can find emotional stabiliity as they experience each pose. These are  encouraged for reflection, interactivity and engagement. It’s a fabulous way to get any child curious about nature, about yoga becoming emotionally self sufficient and compassionate.

The cards are also designed so you can play traditional card games with them, Snap, old Maid, Go Fish and find matching pairs. 

Have fun with the colouring book 

Kids Yoga exercises are even more fun and exciting when your children have their own handy colouring book. The Elements, Yoga for children colouring book features all the  different poses the elementals do and it’s up to your child to colour it in  the way they want too. By doing so, they can easily learn to master each different pose.


If you would like more information please email. 

Yoga For Children Series

My yoga for children series is inspired by the different aspects of the natural world and in turn is designed to encourage our children to love themselves and love thir planet in a natural and fun way. The stories and ideas I present are only one possible model of a very complex, diverse and ancient system. My series is designed to help nurture senses, feelings and keep kids active. 

If you love yoga you will know the benefits are doubled if your children can learn about it with you. If your a primary school teacher you can introduce aspects of yoga into your classroom and if you are new to yoga but would like to see your child get the most out of the breathing practices, relaxation techniques and asanas please email me for more information about how to get your copies.