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In Harmony with Nature

In Ayurveda there is a law which states that like increases like. When similar qualities come together their quantitative expressions increase. Our environments have furnished us with three of life's essentials, water, food and oxygen. We can say that the planet is our greater body and our soul is housed in all the enviornment and goes beyond our physical, mental and emotional bodies. if we want to heal the planet first we have to start with our self healing. This is our challenge as our children grow up in a planet where the natural resources are not cared for.  In Ancient mythology large forests have always been keepers of ancient wisdom anchoring and holding the energy of the country in which they grow and kingdoms were bountiful because kings lived the life of the soul first and created surroundings which resembled retreats and temples of their soul.

Today our planet resembles our diseased states, plastic pollution everywhere, diseased soils, water, air and eco systems each contaminated and the mineral kingdom the oldest and firmest turning barren and infertile so healthy seeds cannot take root. In Ayurveda we see the blockages of channels, there are obstructions in the blood, nutrients, and the energy. Our problems are a result of incorrect relationship with our enviornament. Just as we destroy the earth's immune system- biosphere our own immune systems break down in new diseases. 

As humans we are supposed to tend to nature, cultivate and protect her with kindess and respect taking from her only the abundance she bestows but instead we leave her dead and decayed. The main disease of our planet is our consciousness fragmented and seprated and we dont know how to be whole again -  a united and healed consciousness. When we see nature as an  entire conscious universe we can see we are chosen to be the intellignece of the planet - the nervous system and brain, whilst the rocks and moutnains are her bones, the oceans and rivers are her blood, veins and arteries & all life is her heart. 

Our sacred contracts are to honour the rights of all life, all consiousness is found in nature so that  each of us arises from the earth itself. A higher consciosness requires honouring the Divine forces and opening at the heart to allow for greater integartion with the greater universe of body and mind. 

Whenever possible love your practice & deepen your practice both on and off the mat. 

 Namaste Nisha