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A holistic integrated Ayurveda & Yoga programme designed to help you recognise your own great awareness as the energy changes the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies.  Rebalance your true nature with movement, breath, meditation & asana which supports your upgrade and illuminates and expands your true nature.

As we expereience ourselves to be much more than just the physical body we transform and expand our consciousness so that we can be much more than we ever thought possible. Yogaora is designed to help you discover who you truly are and then transform on all levels of your being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Please call 0226814074 or arrange a skype or zoom meeting for more detailed information for how to discover who you are and how to amplify it.  

There is also more information on my sister site inayurvedabalance.com these are for purifications whether they are energetics alignments, nutritional wellness, or for onsciousness expansion, visit my facebook groups https://www.facebook.com/inayurvedabalance/ or join my group 'freedom from stress pursue your passion'. I have created a number of AsanaAlchemy classes for you to discover for yourself at your own pace. 

       Yoga Ora for adults™


  Balance your basic nature 

please complete my questionnaire so I can suggest the class best for you. If you want to know more about my 'asana alchemy' sessions and which is right for you please email me.  Class offerings include asana & meditation for-


- chronic health

- Doshic imbalances

- empaths 

- Pregnancy from 16weeks 

- trauma & transforamtion


     Yoga Ora for Children™

developing consciousness 

           positive habits 

 2- 4 years 30 mins sessions 

5-8 YEARS 40 mins sessions 

9-12 years 40 mins sessions

teenage yoga 40 mins sessions

These are course based programmes