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5 reasons why Ayurveda has me hooked

1. Ayurveda wants us to know ourself 

We are all 100% unique in every way. Ayurveda scientifically knows this and delivers an approach to living, growing and healing that is too. 

2. Ayurveda wants us to pay attention to life balance

Health is harmony, balance and flow according to Ayurveda a natural state between us and the environment. We become aware of our imbalances and we can take measures to correct them.

3. Ayurveda wants us to understand the nature of the elements 

Ayurveda recognises how the five elements behave and interact and places them into context. Fire is the most transformative of the elements and starts with digestion.  The earth is nurturing and attunes us to our physical balance.  Water embodies our emotional balance flowing and avoiding stagnation.  Wind/Air like the heavens is our inspiration bringing us lightness and creativity. 

4. Ayurveda wants us to do a seasonal detox 

Just as the seasons bring change and routine so the body needs to clear old to make way for the new. The cleansing process in necessary for such adjustments.  

5. Ayurveda wants us to shine

Ayurveda recognises spirit as a driving force in the process of healing and keeping you in great shape. It makes a natural holistic connection between the mind, body and soul and work towards balance of each and the other.


7 reasons why every Yoga teacher should  know the basics of Ayurveda

1.Ancient roots

Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences both have ancient roots in the Indian sub-continent and have evolved side by side for 5,000 years.

2. Ayurveda translated

Ayurveda is the science of life and living harmoniously in the body, mind, and in our environment. It literally translates as: Ayur = life, Veda = sacred knowledge.

3. Ayurveda is truly holistic

Ayurveda serves as a guide to healthy living and as a holistic system of medicine. The ultimate goal of both Yoga and Ayurveda is to attain a state of physical, mental, and spiritual harmony that will allow us to realize consciousness.

4. Ayurveda & five elements:

Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, these are the building blocks of all matter.

5. Doshas  

Ayurveda & the 5 elemental practices are energetically represented in the human body by the three vital Doshas a Vata b. Pita & Kapha 

6. Physical health 

Adjustments we have to make in the seasons is drawn from the elements. Fire is the only element which has the power to transform it provides nourishment so we can grow and develop both physically and spiritually. The other elements are cleansing and purifying. 

7. Ayurveda focus

Diet, lifestyle, and herbal cleansing therapies to balance the vital energies.


5 reasons why we I love using Ayurveda principles in children’s yoga 

1. It’s all about having fun 

Letting go and sharing yoga with your child allows you to reawaken, the spirit of when you were free from artificial beliefs and when you made feeling good in each moment easy and simple.

2.    Learning to focus 

Children learn to take their poses of the mat building the balance and harmony of the left and right side of their brain through their daily routines.

3.    Inspiration and creativity

Children's bodies move naturally because their hearts feel good. Creative movement is the outward expression of positive emotion. Fun yoga themes and poses allow children to feed their creativity and express the joy they feel inside.

4.   Physical awareness 

The elements are found everywhere in nature the curves and unlimited fraternal patterns unwinding and curling help us to develop physical  self-awareness and self regulation. Spinal mechanics are natural to our children always moving from the lower spine with out over compensating and over extending other parts of their body. 

5.  Emotional Intelligence 

Give your children a head start in life from their pre school years so that they aim to do the best they can in school, encourage them to have more positive relationships and benefit from psychological well-being,

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