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Yoga is for everybody:

Yoga is particularly effective at contributing to a number of health benefits and has been used to improve balance, flexibility strength, pain levels particularly amongst seniors, menopausal symptoms increasing daily energy levels, a valid exercise choice for pregnant women, and has recenty been linked to reducton of chronic stress which changes food seeking behaviour particularly consumption of foods high in sugar and fat which inturn promote weight gain. if your new to yoga or make it part of your daily life routine, it is important to know that the more you put in to yoga the more you get out of it. Yoga is often practised on a floor mat but there are other ways to enjoy the many benefits of yoga if you find it difficult to align your body. Ask me for more information including chair yoga or yoga nidra.  

How to practice yoga on the mat: 

Find a teacher near you who can guide you safely and easily through the many postures and benefits of practice. The refinement as well as alignment of the pose can only work with heart centered intention and the breath. This is invisible to the teacher but instructions and cues are given to give balance, stability and unification of each aspirant’s body.

The biomechanical aspects are addressed first in relation to anatomy. By positioning correctly this creates internal space so the student can explore and create a deeper harmony in their own experience.

The aim is to apply full energetic engagement whilst remaining as relaxed as possible. 
Students will learn:

  • safe entry into the pose
  • hold the pose
  • complete the pose
  • safe exit out of the pose

Benefits of consciously moving into stillness

  1. Asana as an exercise – as part of healthy living promotes physical health and longevity, balances muscles in relation to their function, maintains the healthy integrity of the spine and joints, manages the energetic system, relaxes, strengths, stretches and energizes the body. Tones and nourishes every bodily system: glandular, nervous, digestive and cardiovascular.
  2. Asana as therapy – treats specific diseases or dysfunctions of body and mind, cleanses and nourishes the body on every level. Brings bodily problems to light often correcting them.
  3. Asana as spiritual practice- for self knowledge and development, provides a mirror in which we can see our behavior and attitudes and choose to change them, prepares the body for the subtler energies to flow.


move into synchronicity
Live according to your unique nature and its particular capacity but do so in a way that you move more and more into a sense of effortless ease. This is the aspect of asana practice which applies in every style of hatha yoga. This is expressed within the stillness of a pose or the flowing movement from one asana to another.

Other modalities

I recommend swimming, walking or cycling up to 25mins a day and eating a balanced and nutrient rich diet. Email me for more information [email protected]aora.com for any questions you may have on Ayurveda, Nutrition, Yoga or general diet and lifestyle related to any of the following:

  • for weight loss 
  • for chronic disorders
  • for pregnancy
  • for children 
  • for special needs
  • for small groups 
  • for 1:1 bookings 


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